7 Reasons a Retail Franchise Needs Managed IT Services

ITservicesBringing IT services in house can be a time consuming and costly endeavor. Retail franchises are finding outsourcing IT services allows the franchise to focus on marketing and other day-to-day business interactions. Managed IT services can provide high quality solutions at a much lower rate to businesses than implementing an in house team could provide.

Retail franchises should invest in managed IT services for the following benefits:

  1. Take advantage of IT expertise. Building an in house IT department can be difficult for retail companies that are not extremely technologically savvy. Companies may find it difficult to hire people with the right experience and understanding of their company needs. Outsourced solutions personnel have experience in a variety of industries and are accustomed to working with companies to develop targeted IT solutions that make sense in the business context.
  2. The possibility for expansion. Scalable IT solutions can be difficult to determine when a retail franchise starts. Outsourced IT solutions have the capability to work with a company regardless of size and can accommodate their needs as they grow. This provides retailers with the opportunity to grow quickly and efficiently without losing costs associated with updating and constantly evaluating an in house team.
  3. Time management. Companies who employ in house IT departments often find that their IT personnel are overwhelmed at certain times or in the event of an emergency. Correcting processes and staying on top of updates and data security can become a demanding job. Outsourced companies have strategized structures in place to handle any situations in a timely and effective manner.
  4. Data storage. Many offsite IT service solutions also offer backup data storage. Knowing that a company’s data is backed up by dedicated servers provides peace of mind against any data maintenance concerns. Offsite IT solutions may also provide cloud capabilities allowing for retail franchises to take advantage of remote solutions regardless of location.
  5. Cost effectiveness. As opposed to an in house IT team that must be paid a salary or on an hourly basis, an outsourced solution allows retail franchises to only invest in the services needed to operate. Ultimately, retailers save money by not having to invest in infrastructure, dedicated employees, or other programs that would normally be part of an in house structure. The franchise can focus entirely on driving growth with a dedicated team of technology experts on its side.
  6. Amount of services provided. Retailers can choose exactly how many or how few IT services they require. Some retailers may have a small IT team in place to handle certain aspects of the day-to-day operations. They can supplement their team with the expertise of a dedicated managed IT services company to greatly enhance their processes at a significantly lower cost.
  7. Support. This is another area where in house teams can become overwhelmed. Managed IT services are available for support around the clock to provide retail franchises with troubleshooting, helpdesk, and security threat evaluation. The expert support of a managed service provides retailers with peace of mind that their IT departments are ready to face any number of obstacles and provide small and large scale support. In house IT departments may often suffer from understaffing or a lack of expertise needed to handle various problems.

Managed IT services can help retailers implement solutions that have proven effective on a large scale and offer peace of mind. They also provide retail franchises the opportunity to focus on what really matter to their businesses: customer interactions and product/service improvement.