Knowledge, patient and a great attitude: Brian Starnes!

The Retail Outsource (TRO) would like to say a sincere thank you to Brian Starnes, our very talented and appreciated Walmart Woodstock, GA associate!

We’ve received yet another compliment on your amazing product knowledge and great customer-focused attitude!

Great job Brian, and keep up the good work!

[Letter received Oct. 2]

Dear sir:

Just a quick note to compliment your employee, Brian, at the Walmart store in Woodstock, GA.

He assisted me in my purchase of an iPhone on Friday. He was very knowledgeable, patient and went above and beyond in assisting me. I had many questions about Android vs. iPhone, and he answered all of them. When I finally made my purchase he was very thorough in explaining the functions of my new phone, transferred my data from my previous phone and even put a screen protector on it for me!

I would not hesitate to send family and friends to Brian at Walmart and will definitely seek his help when I make another purchase. He was great!


Gina F.

Attitude of patience, perseverance and respect: Leah Myers

This letter is in appreciation for Leah Myers, manager of the wireless center inside the Warsaw, Indiana store.

Earlier my husband purchased a Virgin Broadband USP for our laptop. We could not get the laptop to connect, therefore we went to the wireless center in Walmart. Leah was very courteous and dedicated in helping us resolve the problem. She checked our computer and ensured proper installation of the software. She also called Sprint to troubleshoot the problem. She represented us to Sprint and explained that the Sprint system was not working correctly.

Based on our request she coordinated a credit to us for the unused time.
Leah’s attitude: patience, perseverance and respect, was greatly appreciated.

We believe all should be aware of what a wonderful representative she is of your company.
Mr. & Mrs. W. Brown
Indianapolis, IN

A Partnership to Pilot a New Concept

Home Depot was interested in exploring Smart Home, a new concept in their stores, and asked The Retail Outsource to help them staff and manage it while also consulting with them on product mix analysis and sales process standards. This initiative was a 2,000 square foot store-within-a-store that included LCD-TVs, home theater systems, satellite and cable services, wireless services, home automation products, network infrastructure, closed circuit security systems and computer accessories. The concept saw success with customers embracing the enhanced sales experience provided by trained and qualified TRO sales associates, and saw greatly improved results in nearly all of the included categories.

According to Mark Amos, at the time Home Depot’s Smart Home Merchant, “The Retail Outsource was hired to staff and run the Smart Home operations, but they added much more value than that. The Smart Home, in select Home Depot stores across the country, requires a large degree of sophistication from its staff. We needed sales people who could sell advanced technological products and services… The Retail Outsource staffed all of our Smart Home operations with professional people who exceeded their sales goals and developed reporting and procedures to streamline the business practices.”

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Multi-Vendor In-Store Sales Program Yields Tremendous Results

The Retail Outsource was engaged to sell wireless products and services in key Target locations 7 days/80 hours per week, in a brand-agnostic arrangement. This financial model allowed each provider to split our costs between them. Due to 1000%+ sales increases, higher guest satisfaction scores and store management endorsements, the scope of the project was expanded to include virtually all categories within the electronics department, with 15 brands involved.

Our client at Target, Jake Langner, Wireless Communications Merchant, had this to say about their experience working with TRO: “Our stores’ team feedback has been very positive and supportive… Our post-paid business saw significant lifts having you in stores and many other areas of electronics also realized financial benefits. Your corporate team constantly strived to improve results and guest experience through new and innovative tactics.”

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TRO employee spotlight: Christina W., Market Trainer, Nashville

Our training provides retailers’ team members the confidence they need to effectively do their job.

TRO employee spotlight: Christina W., Market Trainer, Nashville

The first time I walked into the store the team members admitted that they hid in the toy section because they didn’t know enough about the wireless product to talk to the customers. I was surprised that some of them had been working in wireless for years and hated doing their job! So the training began. I slowly started to break the ice. After 4 hours I finally managed to get one team member just to stand in front of the small group of people she mostly already knew and simply interact with me. I came back week after week and led by example, greeting the customers confidently and selling phones with the store’s team members by my side. I spent hours walking them through the details of each product and rate plan. I taught them how simple selling can be when you know how to ask the right questions and listen to what the customer is really saying. Now, I love when I walk into their new store and see them working with customers, greeting people confidently and ready to share their new-found knowledge.

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Specialized Wireless Sales in a National Retailer

The Retail Outsource was contracted by a large national retailer and their key wireless carrier vendors. By recruiting, hiring, training and managing our in-store sales associates to high performance, all parties have seen—and continue to see—a tremendous increase in sales and all other key metrics, including ARPU, attach rates and feature sales. In addition to placing sales teams, TRO also manages a team of sales trainers whose have also dramatically improved wireless sales knowledge and process compliance among the retailer’s own associates in stores in which TRO does not have sales staff.

Says Kim Algya, Channel Director of National Retail Accounts at T-Mobile USA, “TRO is an amazing partner with which to do business. Their staffing associates and the leadership structure to support them is knowledgeable and very well organized. As a partner, they are proactive and quickly respond when necessary. I appreciate their partnership in helping us grow our business. Through their staffing and training support in a major national retailer, they have enabled us to both increase our business year-over-year in the high double digits and help all our customers gain access to the best products, plans and value on the market and stay connected to the people who matter most in their lives.”

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Team Woodstock Provides Exceptional Customer Sales Experience

Almost every customer that deals with TRO’s sales team in the Woodstock, GA location leaves with a giant smile. The Retailer associates are very eager to work with us to provide a seamless sales process for the customer. We have been told that we’ve brought the Retailer’s cell phone buying experience to a whole new level by providing first class customer service and general cell phone knowledge.

On our launch day, August 20th, 2010, there was a very nice lady named Gertrude Gray who stopped in and was inquiring about an AT&T Smartphone. She knew that she wanted more than just a basic bare bones flip phone. She wanted a cell phone that would browse the internet and also be able to handle her current email accounts. She noticed the Samsung Captivate and was blown away by the screen! We explained to her that the Super AMOLED screen is like no other phone and is crystal clear even in direct sunlight. She loved that feature and was very curious to know more. So we explained that this phone is an Android phone and will have no problem browsing the web or doing her email. She was absolutely delighted to know that there was a cost effective Smartphone that would seamlessly integrate into her life. We didn’t get the sale that day but she swore up and down that she would be back to get that phone.

Two weeks later we were greeting customers out front of the section and notice Mrs. Gray walking toward us with a HUGE smile. We knew she was here to get that phone. When she got to the section she asked just a few more questions about the Data Packages that AT&T offers. We decided that the 15 dollar package would be just fine and then gave us the green light to activate her new phone. The whole time we were setting up her phone she was just tickled silly about her new phone. She kept acknowledging how much we knew about the cell phone industry and more importantly about her new phone. During the activation we found out that her Grandson was a Director of Loss Prevention for the Retailer. She said she would tell him all about us and how we helped her from start to finish.

After the phone was processed and her account upgraded, we showed her how to download apps from the Android Market and even downloaded an app or two just to show her how whole process worked. We set her emails up with no problems, we showed her how the GPS worked on the phone and I don’t think we could have made her happier. We received a tremendous amount of praise from Mrs. Gray and were told she would send everybody she knew to our store to purchase from us.

SYMBITS Inc Receives 2014 Miami Award

Miami Award Program Honors the Achievement

MIAMI April 23, 2014 — SYMBITS Inc has been selected for the 2014 Miami Award in the Business Management Consultants category by the Miami Award Program.

Each year, the Miami Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Miami area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2014 Miami Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Miami Award Program and data provided by third parties.

The Miami Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Miami area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Miami Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

SYMBITS welcome new GM and COO to take rein

Eduardo M Santaella came to SYMBITS as General Manager and COO beginning March 2014. Prior to joining SYMBITS, Eduardo was Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of ONUVA Technologies, a leading supplier of open-source based mission critical applications and services. During Mr. Santaella’s tenure at ONUVA, he led strategy and execution, which included an aggressive geographic expansion and packaging of products and services, mainly focused into Latin America and South Florida serving key IT infrastructure and security needs for large regional organizations.

Previously, Mr. Santaella served as Senior Vice President of Business Development at Vanenburg Group, a + USD 1 billion dollar technology fund headed by Jan Baan, based out of the Netherlands, US and India. This investment vehicle was responsible for establishing and supporting IT industry-changing organizations such as Webex (now a Cisco Company), Top-Tier (sold into SAP to become SAP Portals), Cordys (now an OpenText subsidiary), Baan Company (now Infor), among others. Before his tenure at Vanenburg Group, Mr Santaella served as President and Managing Director of SAP in North Latin America where he successfully lead the structuring and roll-out of the organization throughout the region.
Mr Santaella holds a Master degree in Information and Computer Science from Georgia Tech.

Brett Beveridge: Inculcating Sportsmanship In Business

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Golf and business are skills that are cultivated by an obsessive devotion to constant self-improvement. Like businessmen, golfers see things differently than normal people. A meticulous approach separates the amateurs from the pros; the seasoned golfer has already developed the instinct to line up his shots, memorized the distance of each club, and perfected his drive. Greatness is defined by how much one strives to reach the unattainable standard of perfection, and to some, their love of the game.

Brett Beveridge is a distinguished entrepreneur with a penchant for golf, and like others of his pedigree, he has learned that one must master the game to excel at it. His drive is complemented by the distance of success, and he is constantly improving his accuracy so he can continue to raise his score in the game that defines his legacy. “You must keep a level head, you must be extremely persistent and never give up to improve,” says Brett about his success during a phone interview with CIO Review. This mantra has earned him 10 award-winning companies, some of which have earned The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce’s Cutting Edge Award, 5 times on The Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies List, The Red Herring Top 100 Award, The South Florida’s Business Journal’s Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies Award, and more.

Taking the first swing

In 1989, Brett, and a fellow University of Miami College Student, started his first company in Miami at just the age of 23. On $20,000 of cash and credit card financing, he bootstrapped and managed Let’s Talk Cellular and Wireless by selling cell phones from the back of his van. He banked cash from angel investors soon after, and his funds were increased by venture capital from H.I.G. Capital Management. After almost ten years of running what had become a nationwide 300 store, $250MM publicly traded bricks and mortar retailer, Brett took the time to pursue e-commerce through, and raised over $20 million in funding from Silicon Valley VC firms such as Goldman Sachs, Redpoint Ventures and Accel Partners.

Finding the perfect stroke

“When I get into a business, I truly, truly, with every inch of my being, believe in what I’m doing,” remarked Brett. For the budding entrepreneur, brilliance was a byproduct of frustration. During his initial run with Let’s Talk Cellular and Wireless, Brett had too many stores across the country to keep up with visits from the district managers. He didn’t know what stores were visited, when they were visited, or even if they were visited. More importantly, without fresh visit data coming from the district manager’s, it was difficult to increase the productivity of his stores. So when Let’s Talk Cellular and Wireless was acquired in 2000 by Nextel Communications and Brett decided to leave in 2005, Mobile Insight was born.

Brett soon discovered that his frustration in the Retail Industry was a common pain point that spanned across different verticals such as health care, social work, construction, restaurants and anyone who used a field team to execute their products and services. As a result, Brett became a serial entrepreneur, opening up different companies that catered to those similar needs in each market. “When you look at The Retail Outsource Company itself, it provides everything from consulting to staffing, managing and operating retail stores on behalf of our customers which typically include manufacturers, service providers, and actual retail store owners themselves.”

Mastering the Game

Today, Brett is considered a leader in the wireless, electronics, software, and retail industries.He has established multiple companies to dominate his market from all angles. The Retail Outsource. (TRO), helps it client’s employees understand complicated products and services such as general electronics and wireless and digital offerings. In the event that their services are needed directly, TRO provides high performance sales teams that are deployed inside big box and specialty retailer locations to interact directly with customers. This venture of Brett’s is a premier sales agency, specializing in retail consultation and startup operations for client businesses and generating tens of millions of dollars in incremental sales for them. Mobile Insight is a patented filed force automation SAAS application utilized to maximize the productivity and efficiency its customers field organization, while The Consumer Insight offers strategic consulting, product testing, mystery shopping, category assessments, merchandising retrofits and a wide variety of other services. SYMBITS is an outsourced IT company that helps companies support and manage the technology in their stores, performing 24/7 monitoring and help desk support of their POS and PC systems.

Most of Brett’s companies dedicate themselves to boosting sales, increasing productivity, replacing or supplementing field teams, educating associates and even offering software for better communication in a wide variety of markets. Mobile Insight’s efficiency has persuaded some service providers to come back for more business.

A hole in many

Through providing great services and falling back on adaptability as a prime survival mechanism, Brett has effectively used serial entrepreneurship to create an empire. “When a company that we’re serving asks if we know anyone that does mystery shop services, customer auditing and customer research, we take that really seriously.” To this day, Brett has served as a senior executive, consultant and vendor to Wal-Mart, The Home Depot, Target, Best Buy, Meijer, CompUSA, Radio Shack, BJs Wholesale Clubs, Sprint, Nextel, Comcast, Dish Network and more.

Brett also credits most of his success to his employees. “I equally care about the people that work with me, and understand that without those people there is no company. So treating these people with great respect, passion and compassion, allowing them to do what they do best and building a team to divide and conquer has been something that has served me well,” he says. Brett believes that low hourly wages with no incentives is an obstacle that continues to hold retailers back from reaching their full productive potential. When asked what he’s learned from all of his time in business, Brett reminded us of the value of patience. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint. You have to face reality and make sure you have and you’re ready for a startup and all of the challenges that come with it.”

While pro golfers see angles and trajectories when they survey the far end of a golf course, successful men like Brett Beveridge see trends, appeal and practicality in cash flow. For their next big game, pro golfers like Rory Mcllroy study PGA tapes for help. With a string of high scores behind him and his next big swing carefully mapped out, Brett is proof that business and competitive golf are only a putt apart.