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Harness the power of our retail expertise to drive your sales, lower costs, and create meaningful connections to brands and customers. T-ROC brings together four specialized companies—each uniquely focused on a specific retail solution—helping companies to strengthen brands, expand into new markets, shine visibility on the sales process and streamline operations. Individually, our solutions bring laser-like focus to retail challenges, but collectively our companies are stronger together—creating a collaborative, synergistic approach to take retail businesses to the next level.

The Consumer Insight

The Consumer Insight is a full-service customer experience management service provider

Use the power of metrics to gain valuable insight into the retail customer experience. The Consumer Insight gathers and analyzes key consumer metrics through mystery shopping, competitive intelligence customer surveys and compliance audits.

Through on-site and in-person mystery shopping, you can learn about key customer behaviors, review operations or observe brand standard compliance. Telephone mystery shopping allows you to evaluate your customers’ telephone experience, monitor telephone sales and evaluate training initiatives. With competitive intelligence, you can Identify competitive advantages, confirm industry trends or evaluate pricing. Use customer surveys to understand your customers’ perceptions, measure post-purchase satisfaction and likelihood of gaining repeat business. Compliance audits enable you to manage frontline risks, measure promotional compliance, evaluate merchandise adherence, manage sales performance or review inventory accuracy.

The Retail Outsource

A complicated sales process requires a simple solution

The Retail Outsource is a premier sales performance agency that maximizes sales for our clients in throughout the US and Puerto Rico. We specialize in retail consultation and startup operations, sales staffing & management, training and outside sales. From staffing and managing in-store kiosks to developing and delivering targeted sales training and deploying highly effective B2B outside sales teams, The Retail Outsource can fulfill all your sales performance needs in and out of retail.

As specialists in retail operations management, whether you need launch and ongoing management, or a “turnaround” solution to drive success in fledgling stores, The Retail Outsource is up to the challenge. Turn to us for breakthrough sell-through strategies and tactics, focused on ensuring that sell-through continually exceeds expectations. Put our sales and outreach expertise to work on sales performance programs, either as a standalone effort on to strengthen other sales and marketing initiatives. And let our experience guide you in planning your next retail roll-out or channel launch.

Mobile Insight

One brand. Two awesome solutions. Amazing field results

Mobile Insight offers two distinctive optimization solutions. Vision by Mobile Insight is our patented field management and organization platform that enables field teams to maximize their impact with minimum effort. With Vision by Mobile Insight, you can gather data and compile vital reports, manage sales out in the field, and improve employee performance and customer relationships.

Engage by Mobile Insight is a breakthrough solutions that lets you turn today’s missed sales into conversions down the road, whether that’s tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year. It’s the all-new way to capture, convince and convert customers who don’t buy today. With Engage by Mobile Insight, it’s easy to capture the relevant information needed to provide great service, and close the sale when the customer is ready.


Managed IT solutions for small and medium businesses

SYMBITS provides best-in-class IT management and certified network engineers, featuring leading-edge software applications to keep your computer network up and running with proactive remote network and desktop support. Turn to SYMBITS for cloud computing solutions that make sense for your organization, and professional services to develop and install network systems. Our proactive IT support includes monitoring to predict and prevent network failures before they happen, plus business continuity to ensure that critical business functions are available 365/24/7 and back up/disaster recovery services that deliver peace-of-mind before a crisis hits.

SYMBITS offers managed Wi-Fi solutions that give small to medium businesses access to enterprise features, cloud-to-cloud back-up solutions for Office 365, plus many other products and services, all designed to free you from the hassles and stress of running your own technology elements for your business.