Mobile Store Operators Case Study


Mobile Store Operators (MSO) is a T-Mobile premium partner. MSO’s primary focus is owning and operating T-Mobile stores, selling all T-Mobile wireless services Internet of Things (IOT) products and equipments and providing “magenta glove” service. Founded in 2013, MSO is responsible for 85 T-Mobile locations in Florida, North and South Carolina, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Puerto Rico. From the coordination and set up of new stores to managing the needs IT needs of existing stores, MSO knew it needed an IT partner with retail-specific knowledge to handle all their requirements.

SYMBITS has partnered with MSO since its inception, providing a comprehensive suite of services that includes both new store set-up as well as IT management of existing stores. Its scope of services for new store set-up includes software and hardware pre-configuration store network set-up, and all hardware installation, including Wi-FI access points, POS units, printers, scanners and peripherals. For the existing MSO T-Mobile stores, SYMBITS uses its M3 (monitoring, maintenance and management) remote agent to ensure that all updates and security patches are current, and provides unlimited remote help desk support as well as quarterly onsite visits. Through the remote help desk support, issues are resolved quickly-fast turnaround being critical in the retail environment. SYMBITS also ensures that all stores achieve PCI DSS compliance-monitoring and managing the regulatory technology that protects credit card data, personal information, and customer identities.


” New store set-up and managing IT needs fo existing stores
” Monitoring, maintenance and monitoring agent for 85 stores
” Full remote support, on demand onsite support and quarterly onsite visits
” Supply and support MSO management’s laptops and mobile devices.
” PCI DSS compliance monitoring and maintenance

“With SYMBITS we’re able to minimize productivity loss due to IT issues. They are a true partner, and take care of everything from planning our data and phone services to ensuring compatibility of all our retail systems and devices and troubleshooting issues like Wi-FI connectivity, monitoring data speeds and retrieving lost passwords. When an issue does arise, it’s often handled before it ever interrupts our sales process-they really do understand retail IT better than anyone else.” – Buddy White, General Manager, MSO