Fogel Law Firm Case Study



Fogel Law Group, based in Boca Raton, FL, is a boutique transactional law firm, known nationally and highly respected for its expertise and service in SBA and government guaranteed lending. SYMBITS has been the law firm’s IT partner for over six years, providing them with remote monitoring, unlimited remote support and onsite support as necessary. In addition to its office staff, the firm often has staff that work remotely. When one of the firm’s employees couldn’t access files remotely, SYMBITS immediately began troubleshooting the issue with remote desktop connectivity.



SYMBITS technicians discovered that a database was corrupted—one that was essential for the remote functionality to work. Once they realized that the database couldn’t be restored, the technicians worked to rebuild the Remote Desktop Web Access server. Within a day, the server was rebuilt, all applications were installed, and all files were secure with no loss of data. Remote employees could access all the files, and were able to get back to work with very little downtime.


“SYMBITS has been our firm’s IT partner for over six years. They manage our IT needs from top to bottom, and we have been continually impressed with their professionalism and knowledge. Their solution to this issue was innovative and solid. Being able to handle our clients’ needs is of paramount importance, and SYMBITS was able to ensure that our remote employees were able to get back to work with minimal interruption.”

— Mitchell Fogel, Principal and Founder, Fogel Law Group