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Adapting to the Cloud: Overcoming Obstacles for Small Businesses

Cloud computing has been a game-changer for businesses, helping them save time and money, while fueling innovation, and enhancing remote work collaboration and productivity. With easily accessible data, automatic syncing, and easy backups, cloud-based solutions offer tremendous advantages, especially for small businesses. While operating on the cloud is the new normal, it’s not without challenges […]

The Cybersecurity Dilemma: Protecting Small Business Data in a Digital World

Many small businesses think cybersecurity attacks won’t happen to them—that hackers only go after large corporations. The reality is that smaller companies are are vulnerable to cyberattacks—over 40% of cyberattacks target small businesses—and the threats are rising. Small businesses typically don’t have the staff to dedicate to IT security, and with generally weaker cybersecurity measures, […]