What’s the True Cost of IT Downtime?

For small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), when your IT goes down, it’s never good news. We don’t need to tell you that. But, how bad is it? As it turns out, downtime can be downright catastrophic. According to a 2016 survey by Gartner, a technology research and advisory firm, small businesses with 50 million or less in annual revenue put the price tag of an hour-long outage at $8,600. And if there’s data loss in addition to just downtime? Then the costs really add up. Gartner reports that a whopping 43% of SMBs shut their doors right after a major data loss. And 51% go out of business for good within two years.

You needn’t be an Amazon-type business that’s wholly online to feel the impact of data loss either. Just imagine that you didn’t have access to client records or sales contacts… the impact on your customers, and ultimately your reputation, has far reaching consequences. Even an hour of IT downtime can take up to three months for a business to recover, according to Nationwide Insurance. Customers are used to operating in a wireless, one-click world, and have little patience for anything less than immediacy. As a result, you’ll likely lose some customers, who may be hard to lure back, even when you’re fully operational again. And any new leads in the pipeline are lost, too. The odds are truly stacked against businesses that fail to plan for IT downtime and data loss. While it’s a cliché, it’s true: the best offense is a good defense, and that applies to your business continuity plan, too. You can avoid outages in the first place, with a managed IT support subscription that monitors your network for problems. With a remote monitoring connectivity agent in place, you’re protected again viruses and spyware, and know that all security patches are up to date, plus the added peace-of-mind of a help desk and IT onsite support if needed—it’s a much more cost-effective solution that trying to get back up and running with the help of a traditional IT support tech, who has an hourly rate that will rack up quickly.  The other critical piece of the puzzle is reliable backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution to ensure that the data is both backed up and retrievable. While you can’t prevent all IT downtime, with these solutions in place, you can certainly prevent a lot of the headaches.

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MW-Connect Case Study



MW-Connect is a T-Mobile premium retailer with stores in Central and North Florida. This fast-track company, which opened its first nine stores in just over three months, is now up to eleven, and on pace to expand by one to two additional stores each month. MW-Connect needed a IT partner with retail-specific knowledge plus the strength and flexibility to scale at the speed with which the company was growing.



SYMBITS began its partnership with the launch of MW-Connect’s 10th and 11th stores. The new store set-up included software and hardware pre-configuration store network set-up, and all hardware installation, including Wi-FI access points, POS units, printers, scanners and peripherals. Then to ensure IT system consistency across all its stores, SYMBITS retrofitted the original nine stores. SYMBITS installed a remote monitoring agent in all stores to manage all software and security updates, and troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly. SYMBITS also ensures that all stores achieve PCI DSS compliance—monitoring and managing the regulatory technology that protects credit card data, personal information, and customer identities.




  • New store set-up and managing IT needs fo existing stores
  • Monitoring, maintenance and monitoring agent for 11 stores and growing
  • PCI DSS compliance monitoring and maintenance


“If it has a switch, SYMBITS is responsible for it. From scanners to monitors to printers, that’s all in their sandbox. At the pace at which we’re growing, we needed an IT partner with deep experience in the retail wireless arena. I knew they had built out nearly 100 other T-Mobile wireless stores, so I trust their expertise. It’s been a great partnership so far, and I’ve been really pleased with their ability to configure and manage all our IT systems.” — Jose Arcay, Owner/President, MW-Connect

Mobile Store Operators Case Study


Mobile Store Operators (MSO) is a T-Mobile premium partner. MSO’s primary focus is owning and operating T-Mobile stores, selling all T-Mobile wireless services Internet of Things (IOT) products and equipments and providing “magenta glove” service. Founded in 2013, MSO is responsible for 85 T-Mobile locations in Florida, North and South Carolina, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Puerto Rico. From the coordination and set up of new stores to managing the needs IT needs of existing stores, MSO knew it needed an IT partner with retail-specific knowledge to handle all their requirements.

SYMBITS has partnered with MSO since its inception, providing a comprehensive suite of services that includes both new store set-up as well as IT management of existing stores. Its scope of services for new store set-up includes software and hardware pre-configuration store network set-up, and all hardware installation, including Wi-FI access points, POS units, printers, scanners and peripherals. For the existing MSO T-Mobile stores, SYMBITS uses its M3 (monitoring, maintenance and management) remote agent to ensure that all updates and security patches are current, and provides unlimited remote help desk support as well as quarterly onsite visits. Through the remote help desk support, issues are resolved quickly-fast turnaround being critical in the retail environment. SYMBITS also ensures that all stores achieve PCI DSS compliance-monitoring and managing the regulatory technology that protects credit card data, personal information, and customer identities.


” New store set-up and managing IT needs fo existing stores
” Monitoring, maintenance and monitoring agent for 85 stores
” Full remote support, on demand onsite support and quarterly onsite visits
” Supply and support MSO management’s laptops and mobile devices.
” PCI DSS compliance monitoring and maintenance

“With SYMBITS we’re able to minimize productivity loss due to IT issues. They are a true partner, and take care of everything from planning our data and phone services to ensuring compatibility of all our retail systems and devices and troubleshooting issues like Wi-FI connectivity, monitoring data speeds and retrieving lost passwords. When an issue does arise, it’s often handled before it ever interrupts our sales process-they really do understand retail IT better than anyone else.” – Buddy White, General Manager, MSO

Innovative IT Solutions From SYMBITS Promise Dependability


MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SYMBITS, a best-in-class IT service provider and part of The Revenue Optimization Companies (T-ROC), announces three innovative services designed to ensure rapid and safe growth for business owners when it comes to their digital and IT demands. Unparalleled recent catastrophic events have left businesses at a loss when it comes to backing up critical files or have even led to massive leaks of personal information.

“Savvy business owners realize the importance of securing their assets while having a dependable backup solution and providing reliable Wi-Fi access to staff and consumers”

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The three innovative solutions SYMBITS has introduced are pioneering IT services and guarantee reliable safety for business owners when it matters most. The solutions are:

M-Series is a monthly subscription service that completely protects your IT assets by not only monitoring their health but also keeping them secure, compliant and operating efficiently. Instant access to a team of specialized IT experts that monitor, maintain and manage all aspects of your business, means your business receives the reporting and support it needs to thrive. Three tiers of service are available, with monthly subscriptions starting at $14.99. To learn more about M-Series, visit

Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) is the ultimate cloud-to-cloud backup you can’t afford to live without. With 70% of all lost data being due to deletion by end-users, BDR provides automated and on-demand backup capabilities from Barracuda Essentials powered by SYMBITS. Critical files can be trusted not only on the cloud with the customizable and flexible protection service. Free set-up and installation, a value of $250, is available. To learn more about BDR, visit

Managed Wi-Fi provides the speed to access at the price that fits your business. Small and medium-size businesses are guaranteed fast and reliable Wi-Fi service at an affordable price point that is designed to meet the needs of a growing business. In partnership with Ruckus, SYMBITS creates a network that easily handles the stress of multiple users streaming various video and other services. Uses can connect confidently, knowing a secure connection is minimizing exposure to malware, hackers and other cyber threats. To learn more about managed Wi-Fi, visit

“Savvy business owners realize the importance of securing their assets while having a dependable backup solution and providing reliable Wi-Fi access to staff and consumers,” says Brett Beveridge, founder and CEO of SYMBITS and The Revenue Optimization Companies. “Our work with small and medium-size businesses has given us the foresight to create customized services and programs that enable business owners to not only grow but to feel confident in the safety of their data and files.”

To learn more about SYMBITS, visit


SYMBITS is a managed IT provider with certified network engineers and leading-edge software applications. SYMBITS services include cloud solutions, proactive IT support, backup/disaster recovery, and business continuity. To learn more about SYMBITS, visit

About The Revenue Optimization Companies

The Revenue Optimization Companies (T-ROC) is home to four sales solutions companies that enable clients to fulfill all of their sales performance needs. The Retail Outsource (TRO): an in and out of store sales performance management company; Mobile Insight (MI): real-time field reporting and business intelligence; The Consumer Insight (TCI): full-service customer experience analysis; and SYMBITS: managed IT services. Working in synergy, these four companies form a complete ecosystem for running, managing, and maximizing the productivity of institutional efforts. To learn more about T-ROC and its subsidiaries, visit

When the Cloud isn’t Enough

In the past few years, there’s been an explosion in cloud solutions available to SMBs. The cloud technology that had previously only been available to enterprise-level companies was now everywhere, and small- and medium-sized businesses seized the opportunity. And the thinking was, once on the cloud, a business was never going to go down. But the reality is that few cloud-based applications have the level of built-in disaster recovery that’s required to keep a business functional when you need it the most. All it takes a drive to fail, a file to get deleted, or a data center to go down to learn the limitations of the cloud.

For those savvy businesses that do realize the need for layered back-up protection, often the decision comes down to price. But it’s often not that simple, and rather than look at the decision solely from technology product perspective, make your choice based on business processes. Because often one product doesn’t protect all your data and all the infrastructure required to run your business.

When we work with SMBs, we ask plenty of questions about what files and applications are business-critical—where you house your data, how you use your applications, what’s the impact of having the data compromised. And we talk to all levels of employees to get the most complete picture of your business and technology use. Then we can develop a customized Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution—one that often includes multiple products and services from our trusted technology partners.

Don’t get me wrong. The cloud is great, and it’s been a boon for SMBS that don’t have the budget for enterprise-level backup. But taking a few extra steps to secure your data so that your business can be back on its feet after any sort of disaster? That’s priceless.

Impact Makers Case Study


SYMBITS was asked to create a maintenance, monitoring and management solution for Impact Makers, a management and technology consulting company based in Richmond, Virginia. The company provides services in Management and IT Consulting, Program and Project Management, Digital Services, Governance, Risk and Compliance, and Healthcare Solutions. The company’s in-house IT specialist provides help desk support to the company’s 125 users but as Impact Makers continues to experience next-level growth, it needed ancillary support in addition to monitoring services.


SYMBITS created a customized maintenance, monitoring and management solution for Impact Makers that included a monitoring agent for all its computers (125 users) and four servers, plus full remote support for the servers. The monitoring agent includes anti-virus and anti-spyware software, and checks for Microsoft updates, patch management, optimum performance and resource utilization.  In addition, SYMBITS provides after-hours support to users, enabling the IT specialist to not be on-call round the clock.


  • Monitoring agent for 125 users and 4 servers
  • Full remote support for the servers
  • After-hours support to users, based on a pre-paid block of hours.

“Being able to hand over help desk issues after hours has been a terrific help. SYMBITS has also been a great resource when I need input on any tech issue. We’ve worked with them for over a year, and they are always professional and responsive.”  – Michael Cannon, IT Specialist, Impact Makers

ASTC Case Study


SYMBITS was tasked with an IT relocation for A&S Total Cleaning—moving servers, computers, laptops, printers and network equipment from Deerfield Beach to its new offices in Fort Lauderdale. A&S Total Cleaning provides complete managed facility services including daily and weekly cleaning for facilities including hospitals, schools, office buildings, commercial warehouse spaces, restaurants and homeowner associations. The company has 300 + employees, with an office staff of 23 plus seven area managers and seven supervisors, all using company phones, computers, laptops and/or iPads that required technology conversions during the relocation. The challenges were myriad: a timeline of less than a month, a weekday move date that wasn’t fixed, migration to a new phone system, a budget focused on cost savings, and to complete the relocation with as little downtime as possible.

SYMBITS first conducted a walkthrough at the old location in order to create a full inventory that included the server, computers, and access points for WiFi. Next, the SYMBITS team toured the new location to confirm space requirements, network requirements, review the configuration of the server room, and make recommendations for new equipment, including a more robust wireless router. Throughout the month prior to the move, there was daily follow up, in order to confirm that milestones would be met.

The added challenge of changing to a new phone system was streamlined through direct connection with the phone provider—and due to SYMBITS established industry connections, the vendor was a company with which SYMBITS had personal connections, which helped facilitate communication and coordination.

A&S Total Cleaning had arranged for fiber installation at the new location, but to ensure connectivity, SYMBITS arranged for two back-up options. When the utility failed to meet the fiber installation deadline, the back-up WiFi provider was already in place.

Because of the diligence in pre-planning, move day itself was seamless and stress-free, and even the relocation of the server was not time-critical, as SYMBITS had previously moved much of the essential systems and documents to the cloud. On the day of, SYMBITS divided into teams—one engineer responsible for desktop and laptop setup and a second engineer responsible for server moving and setup. The desktop engineer set up the workstations in the new offices, while the server engineer removed the server from the old location, moved and racked it in the new location confirming that all services were again available including file and print, internet connectivity, email, authentication etc.


SYMBITS was able to successfully deliver a seamless, efficient and cost-effective IT relocation for the client, taking care of the technological infrastructure, servers and network equipment. Despite limited manpower, a tight timeframe, and the added challenge to migrating to a new phone system, SYMBITS was able to complete the IT relocation in a single day, with more than 95% of all systems set up and working in their new office by end of the day, and all remaining issues (such as connectivity to a new printer) were completed by the following day.


  • Onsite IT audit
  • Dedicated team and specialist IT engineers
  • Disconnecting on-site server & IT infrastructure devices required  (firewall, switches, UPS, rack and cables)
  • Upon delivery to new office: reconnect all relocated devices, set-up, connect to network
  • Telecom set-up (Voice and ISP)
  • Reconnect all computers to IT network, connect approved drives and test with all users
  • Test and ensure back-up

“Having completed many such IT moves in my career, my professional opinion is that was close to a miracle relocation. It was that good. Excellent people, planning communication and coordination. This was an 11 out of a 10.”  – Douglas Czark, CPA, Chief Financial Officer, A&S Total Cleaning